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Prevent an Injury With These Tips From Caregiver Jobs San Diego

These tips from Caregiver Jobs San Diego will help you avoid a caregiving or nursing job injury.
March 30, 2023

Providing care for someone is one of the most rewarding responsibilities there is. However, while making life the best it can be for someone else, you may also be putting yourself at risk for injury. Helping with transferring from sitting to a standing position, getting into or out of a chair or wheelchair, and providing support with getting out of bed in the morning and back into it at night all require proper lifting techniques to prevent harm. Even simply leaning over to help with a bath can elevate the possibility of injury.

As one of the best places to recruit caregivers and to help care professionals connect with those who are hiring, Caregiver Jobs San Diego wants to help everyone in the care industry stay safe. To that end, we’ve provided the following helpful tips for proper lifting.

What Are the Best Techniques for Lifting and Transferring?

In general, keep the following in mind:
·         Make sure your head, neck, and back are aligned and as straight as possible.
·         Always bend with your knees and hips, never your back.
·         Never twist your body when lifting or transferring.
·         Keep your body close to the person you are lifting or transferring.
·         Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to keep your body stable.
·         Lift with the muscles in your legs.

Lifting Techniques for Specific Situation
·         From a lying down to sitting position, stand with knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Place one arm under the person’s legs and your other arm under their back. Pivot their body and move their legs over the edge of the bed.
·         To stand from a sitting position, face the person with your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Wrap your arms around the person’s back and grip your hands together. Hold them close to you and lean back, shifting your weight, until they are standing.
·         To sit from a standing position, you’ll use the same technique as above, but pivoting the person towards the chair and lowering them to a seated position. Be sure both of their hands are on the chair for stability as you lower them down.

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