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Nursing Home Jobs in San Diego vs. Nursing in a Personal Home: Which Is Right for You?

Nursing Home Jobs in San Diego
If you’re an RN wondering whether home care or nursing home jobs in San Diego would be better for you, find the information you need here.
March 15, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us just how invaluable nurses and caregivers are to our communities. Care professionals became care heroes, stepping in to help in spite of the risks to their own health. Nurses and caregivers alike are in great demand, providing you, as an RN, with a variety of career opportunities to choose from – from nursing home jobs in San Diego to caring for an individual in the comfort of their home and more.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Care Nursing Career?

While there are certainly many benefits to a career in a health care facility, there are some unique perks to a home care nursing career that you may want to consider. For instance:


With home health care, your schedule is your own. You can choose the shifts that work best for you, the geographic location that’s closest to home, and the type of nursing care you’d like to provide. For RNs who have spent their career so far in a clinical setting, working long, exhausting, rotating shifts while tending to multiple patients, the idea of working one-on-one in a patient’s home setting is appealing.


You can decide the specific type of home health care you’d like to provide from a wide range of options:

       Elder nursing care

       Caring for new mothers/infants

       Helping those with chronic diseases or disabilities

       Providing recovery care after an accident/injury

       Preventative care and education

       And much more


As a home health nurse, you’ll still be part of a larger health care team for patients, but you’ll likely be the only medical professional physically in the home while providing care. You will have the opportunity for some degree of autonomy to problem-solve and find creative and innovative solutions for patients.


Perhaps most rewarding is the personal connection you’re able to make with the patients you serve. You get to know them in their home environment, where people are typically happier, more relaxed, and more themselves. Their memories, personal touches, and interests surround them, offering them comfort and a means for you to spark conversations outside of the nursing services you’re providing.

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